WASD - Movement

HOLD Mouse - Point and Shoot (Kills Enemies and Mines Walls)

Spacebar - Hook/Unhook to Power Pack(You can't shoot when Hooked)

Cable E - Interact with Stairs and Allies

You play as Larry Canary(miner) in a dark and eerie coal mine. You’ve dug too deep and released hordes of monsters that you must fend off with your mining gun. It’ll be a good idea to save some of your fellow miners along the way as they’ll provide valuable upgrades to help you. If you have any hope of survival you’ll be keeping close to your trusty power pack as it powers your gun and emits light. Together you just might survive.


Team Lead - Dr Codex#3284 - Moe Hanna

Programmer/Designer - @MattRoysOurBoy - Matthew Roy

Programmer - @Dillyo09/@Dillyo - Dylan Davison

Programmer - SuperStingray#2916 - David Eisner

Artist - @jvictor.arts - Joao Menezes 

Artist - @artofzhen - Elenah Han

Artist - @saintryuu_ - Ryuu Wu

Artist - Christine Brumbaugh

Concept Artist - @tinderet - Sydney Jones

Foley & Sound Designer - @trashcan_studios - Jeremy Hill

Composer - @blackjackbgm - Zach Jackson


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The sluggish nature of the game really kills any enjoyment for me personally, like how slow it is to explore the cave, lug around the lantern, and how many times you have to shoot the enemy. I managed to get to floor 2 but it was just the same exact thing again? I'm assuming this is randomly generated and if so, major props for getting that done during a jam holy crap. Still doesn't change how bad the game feel is but at least I'm looking at cute birds while I suffer in the mine with weird screaming aliens :D

This was a lovely game with a charming art style and simple but fun game loop. My only issues are with some of the game not being very well explained, like whether the power pack can be damaged (or how much health it has if that's true), or that the gun has a wind-up

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It's pretty fun, I got into the first two levels. One thing i would be to make the Lamp much lighter .  The heaviness of the map is a bit heavy.


BIRB! Very cute. Simple but effective gameplay. Thank you for the fun little game.


Got addicted! Couldn't close the page until I got to the end. Upgrading was a great feature and user experience with all the indicators of where the power is and if the monsters spawn in the black and a revealing minimap (!). The art is so cute and fun too :D Only thing I would add is visual indicator in addition to the sound that the gun is loading (like a filling bar or the gun starting to change color already during the loading). I didn't understand at first that I had to hold the button even longer than I tried. But that's just nitpicking. 10/10 jam game!

Yeah, we totally agree their needs to be a better indicator for the charge up, we just didn't get to it.


This game is legitamitly fantastic. Really amazing work!! I love the style a lot, it gets so tense trying to drag the light around

Thanks! Our team had a lot of fun putting this together and I'm glad you enjoyed it.