Enough is enough! Sam’s sick and tired of playing with her overenthusiastic D&D group. Help Sam challenge her friends to settle it on the battlefield and finally let her get back to studying for exams. Utilize her Dice-Rolling powers to defeat unique, challenging monsters! Each Die has its own effects and number of sides. Hover over the Die to reveal its powers. Click the die to cast your roll on your enemies. With a bit of strategy and luck you just might make it out of this game of D&D alive. 


Team Lead/Designer - Dr Codex#3284 - Moe Hanna - https://dr-codex.itch.io/

Lead Programmer - @Dillyo09/@Dylan - Dylan Davison - https://dillyo.itch.io/ 

Programmer - SuperStingray#2916 - David Eisner - https://superstingray.itch.io/

Jr Programmer - CheeseHead Games#8328 - Nick LoGalbo - https://cheesehead-games.itch.io/ 

VFX Artist - @jvictxrart - Joao Menezes - https://jvictorart.itch.io/ 

UI/UX Designer - @BRUNOTEMC - Bruno Carreón - https://brunotemc.itch.io/ 

Environment Artist - @artofzhen - Elenah Han - https://artofzhen.itch.io/ 

Art Director & Character Designer - @sydneyjones - Sydney Jones - https://sydneyjones.itch.io/

Foley & Sound Designer - @trashcan_studios - Jeremy Hill - https://jhillaudio.itch.io/ 

Composer - @blackjackbgm - Zach Jackson -  https://blackjack0707.itch.io/

Script - @iseecarlos - Carlos Rodriguez


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I'm kinda curious how you coded in the dice. I couldn't figure out how to make 3d dice work properly in 2d in unity. How did you go about accomplishing that?

Great game all round btw.

very polished all around, and a good fun 10 minutes.

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Hey, I wanted to let you know that I did something silly and speedran your game. It's actually kind of interesting as a speed game, and I may actually keep going with this. My PB is 3:07 (3 minutes 7 seconds) if you want to try and beat it. I put a lot of thoughts and strategies in the video description for anybody who wants to read them.


Everything is super clean.


I absolutely adore this game. It such a wholesome experience


I greatly appreciate Swole Slime. Thank you for blessing my day with this guy


this game was very fun and so cute!!!! 10/10!! <3

Thank you so much for taking the time to play!! :)